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When I first arrived in London, I saw snow. BLOODY SNOW. After being in the marvelous heat of Morocco, I knew I was going to be in for a rough month in this land which inspired the Beatles to get so excited over seeing the sun that they actually wrote a song about it.

So far, I have mixed feelings about London. In a way it is the most difficult city I have traveled to because it does not fit neatly into my routine of staying busy enough to not miss home but relaxed enough to not burn out. London is one of those places where you have to search for the fascinating bits of the city. The raw reality is not readily visible to those who do not truly look. After being in such a lively place as Morocco, I swear to god London seems a bit too quite.

When I first arrived, I was so excited to escape the insanity Fes and Marrakech. Speaking English again seemed like a dream come true. And yet, when I woke up the first morning I found myself startled to not hear one single prayer call. The sound of the mosques had become such a part of my routine that I felt like I was missing something.

I know it’s cliche to compare London to New York, but every time I walk down Westend I can’t help but call it Broadway. This city reminds me of home so much that I think it is making me much more homesick than any other city before. The culture is similar. We both have this sense of fake politeness and say sorry far too frequently. We avoid topics that might upset folks who think differently and we talk about people behind their backs instead of to their face. I will say however, that British humor seems to be a bit more dry.

Despite all of those less positive aspects of my trip so far, there is definitely something alluring about London. We’ve done all the main tourist sites. Visited the tower of London, Borough Market, Big Ben, Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace. Seeing the sites I had only before caught glimpses of in movies was incredibly exciting to say the least. Not to mention the fact that on my walk to school, I always pass the Charles Dickens house, and each street here has the cutest shops ranging from umbrella stores, to fancy hat shops. There’s endless things to do in this city, properly exploring it would take more than a lifetime.





The things I do like about London are slightly cheesy but altogether still enjoyable.
1)Im obsessed with the hats


2)They have bagels here, i haven’t had a bagel in like 7 months this is better than Christmas.

3)International food! Since there is such a large migrant population here in the UK, London has amazing foods from all around the world.

4)Theatre shows! You can get cheap tickets the day of the show! We got to see Le Miserable for only 12 pounds.
5)Concerts: It’s like living in LA again concerts are always happening.

6)Amazing public transport

7)The Museums are Free! You can see anything from Dali paintings to skeletons all for the reasonable price of…nothing!




8)We took a picture at abbeyroad

9)Free healthcare!

10)My accent is developing nicely

11)The markets are incredible!

12)Speakers Corner in Hyde Park attracts people from all over the world as a spot where folks can talk freely about whatever unpopular view they may have. Typically people stand on boxes and yell out their opinions on anything from god to politics.