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I went to bed last night with a grass field below my window but the only color I could see this morning was white. This past week I went from Zadar, on the coast, to Plitvice lakes national park. It’s now cold enough for my hands and feet to numb as soon as I step outside.



Both places were so beautiful. At times when I was in Germany I found myself forgetting I was in a new country, Croatia looks foreign and is ten times more interesting for it. Everyone here has been extremely generous and kind. The only difficultly I have been having is that the public transport here is not exactly up to European standards (though obviously still better than home).



Yesterday I was supposed to head to Split but my bus never showed up. It’s interesting how small hiccups like this used to send me into a frenzy of worry and now they seem about as minor as a losing an ink pen. Things that used to be exciting, thrilling, and maybe even a bit scary don’t seem to affect me so much anymore. I wonder what happens when adventure becomes mundane? Does the mundane become adventure? Or do you just go on to seek something bigger?


Well, I’ll sign off with that thought. Hopefully the bus will show up today.

P.s, I’m glad I’ve written about my time here abroad. I remember moments better when I explore them.