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I kind of want to keep the memory of Berlin to myself. I know I’ve already said I like to stay in places for long periods of time, but Berlin was probably the most disappointing city I had to leave. I cant decide if I want to go back or just keep it perfect; stagnant and crystallized. Sometimes new moments change the perception of old ones and I do not want to risk changing this memory.

It’s an interesting concept isn’t it? The shy introverted nonfiction writer who exposes her life in a sort of diary. Perhaps the truth is that if I stayed silent about my experiences I wouldn’t be able to express them. Maybe I only write this way because I do not share all of the story. Or perhaps I want an audience but only under the condition that I get to be absent when they see me. Either way, this introvert has decided to pick up story telling at the next stop in Zagreb Croatia.  Besides isn’t that why shy people are interesting; they have thoughts that aren’t for sharing and who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Here’s some pictures though:
The wall
thekiss thewall graffiti michaeljackson
Spree Park
path amusementpark
Holocaust Memorial
holocaust memorial