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Each town I went to in Switzerland was so picturesque; everything looked more surreal and perfect than movie sets. At times I felt as if the country belonged in a glass case, locked away for safe keeping; to be left preserved and untouched. I don’t remember doing much in any of the towns I traveled to besides just simply looking at each place in awe. Even now, as I go through the photos, I can hardly believe that I got to see such gorgeous places, it was truly unreal.

Because I was generously hosted by family friends, wife and wife: Vicky and Alex, who moved from California to a small town near Zurich, I was able to spend time with locals (Alex and family) while also experiencing a dose of Santa Cruz (Vicky is from the same town where I grew up). The trip can be summed up as follows: one nights’ meal would consist of eating a local Swiss dish Raclette over potatoes, while the next would consist of making burgers. It was the perfect blend of home mixed with Swiss.

I tried to see something new everyday: Here’s how I spent the week.

For the first couple of days Vicky and Alex took me to their alpen house in a very small town called Cumbel. It was hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life (I wrote my last update while I was there).

cumbel2 cumbel alpsme

a room with a view

a room with a view

After spending a beautiful relaxing weekend in the mountains, we trekked back Vicky and Alex’s house near Zurich for the workweek.

To be completely honest, Zurich was not one of favorite cities. It was absolutely gorgeous, but I wasn’t really sure what to do there besides just walking around in the cold and looking at it.

Sometimes I think faerie-tale cities are too sweet for me. I’m not as inspired by cuteness as I am by rough, raw, grit. I belong in places that bleed. I don’t want to be too harsh, but this city reminds me of a painting in a grandmother’s bedroom, beautiful but not tasteable.

The food was too expensive for me, though I was able to buy myself some incredible Swiss chocolate. During the entire trip I know I ate a completely healthy and normal amount of sweets; nothing major, probably just about a bar per hour.

Hollgrotten caves
The hollgrotten (hell’s grotto) caves tied with cumble as my favorite thing to do in Switzerland.


Here’s a poem I wrote there:
this cave is alive

oozing ceilings leak into
a bloody kelp forest
into the smell of the seas

i think I’m the only one here

warts made of hard white ridges;
form petrified globs of
damp sandy mountains

if this is hell, i’ve decided to stay

there is a hollow pathway of
tentacle like coral vertebrae
all i see are calcified walls
with a slimy moss glaze

now I’m inside the stomach of a monster
I knew that this is what I would become
trapped in a heaven of hells
this is the underworld above ground

only demons thrive in this faerie tale

no wonder I belong,
im sin spermified
born in the castro
born in the gates of home

Look they even built a rainbow for me

Lake Lucern

beat gorglucern

Lucern is an incredibly beautiful place. I took a ferry into the town and fell in love with it’s fort view points and the mountains that form its landscape.

boating lookatthatview onaboat

Also, a very nice cafe owner gave me a free hot chocolate to celebrate Halloween! All and all, amazing day.

Rhine Falls

Didn’t spend much time in this place but it was beautiful.



Medieval town near Zurich – also very beautiful and picturesque

fort rapperswil

After receiving some help from some very generous friends, I was able to get to the Matterhorn! Apparently I was very lucky too because it was such a beautiful day. I was even able to ride the gondola to the top of one of the ski slopes and see the mountain range from an even higher position. You should have to work for that view, but I wouldn’t have had time to hike up on my own so thank god they had that lift. I wish all of my friends could have the chance to see this.


-Phones Matter



matterhorn2 matterhorn

The Matterhorn reminded me a lot of half dome in that it looked like it had been ripped open for heart surgery. It seemed as though half of it had just rolled off in an avalanche. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous; I love the colors of fall mixing with snow. It’s so beautiful here they don’t need graffiti.