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The past few weeks of my life have gone so quickly i can hardly remember the order of my travels, or even specifics about each place. Thank god I have photos or I would certainly forget the details.

Palermo was a fascinating city. Lively with delicious foods and interesting people.our plane

beautiful place

neighbors house

The street we stayed on
Just like Rome the Bangladesh restaurants are called Indian food places because many customers racistly refuse to buy foods from certain countries. The walls of the city are covered in graffiti, a type of graffiti which very graphically contradicts the cities conservative majority viewpoints.  A walk down an alley informs any visitor of the tension in the streets. The voices of the silences can be seen on the cities walls.

kill facism





The first day in Palermo set the tone for the rest of the trip: walking, eating, and partying was pretty much the daily itinerary. We went for multiple walks and ate the best and also the cheapest seafood I have ever had. It was such a fun meal because one of my friends, Rose, struggled so much with eating her prawns that the entire table could not help but burst out laughing. It was also during this meal when one of my more sea food savvy roommates, was inked by a baby squid, as I simultaneously and accidentally ate the head of a Sardine.


The night life was so amazing in Sicily, it was not like Rome where all the American tourist’s get shitfaced together at American bars and clubs. We found a street in Palermo with an outdoor DJ who was in the center of a square with a bunch of bars surrounding its borders. The street was packed with local people who danced until the sun would rise.
Though the mornings were a bit tough, we ended up making it to the Capuchin Catacombs. A place that has the preserved bodies of thousands of men, women and children. A very creepy, yet inspiring place. I wonder what Edgar Allan Poe could have produced had he seen some of these places.
illegal photos

illegal photos


We also made it to a traditional market which was bustling with life. The ice trays contained all sorts of fish products ranging from squid to huge swordfish. We also saw a local man carrying an entire side of a cow.


On the way home we actually ended up accidentally crashing a wedding.
wedding crashers2

wedding crashers

Though we eat a lot everywhere we go, this was definitely the trip of food. Although it was one of the cheapest places I have been to, I spent the most money just on the sheer quantity of snacks we consumed. We tried all of the local specialties including: Cannolis, arancini (a fried rice ball with mozzarella and meat inside), swordfish, etc multiple times because they were so freaking delicious.
I’m not gonna lie, we were a bit too hung over on the last day to do anything major. We pretty much moved from restaurant to restaurant until we finally just plopped down at the beach and chilled until our flight. While there we made Sicilian friends and watched locals play soccer.
our sicilian friends. the fat one is named tubs

our sicilian friends. the fat one is named tubs



p.s. right now I am in Switzerland