Excuse the out of order post. These past few weeks have been a bit hectic. I’ll do a quick summary of the other trips when I get the chance.

Right now it’s about 2am, and I’m sitting in a burger king wishing I had a hostel. Word for the wise: if you’re ever in Florence without a place to sleep the BK (open till 2am) beats the 24 hours Mcdonalds by a tenfold. At good old american McDs there were security guards who wouldn’t let the group of about 30, separate yet equally stranded travelers, sleep. The only bad news is that the BK closes at 2am so we are now stranded again. In the time I would gratefully have appreciated a quick nap, I guess I’ll give you all a quick summary of our trip.
We went to Florence! Overall it was pretty small, clean, and had such fabulous food. The first day we climbed the 450+ steps to the top of the Duomo. The view was absolutely stunning and our out of shape asses stayed up there for a long time to not only cherish that view but also to take a long breather. On the trek down we decided to explore and get a better navigational sense of the city. We walked around and found all the top visited piazzas and churches. For dinner we stopped at Teatro del Sale which is this amazing buffet. We were by far the youngest people there and we rushed those dishes as soon as they came out. Comically enough our more mature counterparts were right there with us. It was a push and shove kind of evening. Also, there was unlimited wine. Which means that my friends and I definitely got our money’s worth (not to mention the fact that I stuffed a solid two loaves of focaccia into my purse.)
pontevecchio duomo2
The next morning we had a bit of a slower start (maybe unlimited wine was a bad idea) but we eventually got to the central market which had more amazing food. After feasting once again we headed to our wine tour! Yay more wine! We took a bus into the Chianti region of Tuscany and immediately fell in love with the country side. It never ceases to amaze me how breathtakingly gorgeous this country is. I still have no idea why they were such prolific colonizers they have everything anyone could ever want right here.
To be honest our third day was a bit of a disaster. After starting incredibly early to see Uffizi, a museum filled with famous boring art, we looked at very odd paintings that are touted as profound. I am more of a surreal art fan so I was a rather unwilling participant. Below are my educated analyses of the paintings:
18th Century Women Wishing They Had Birth Control
baby7 baby6 baby5 baby4 baby3 baby2 baby18th Century Women Wishing They Had Birth Control

Favorite Photos: Women Ignoring Men 
woman ignoringman2 bitchplease woman ignoring man
Staying Alive:
stayling alive 2 staying alive
But where did the wine go?
but where did the wine go
This is the point in which things started to go south. Once again we went to Teatro dell Sale because who can resist a seven course profoundly delicious brunch with unlimited wine? But after eating there for about two hours we realized that it actually hadn’t started yet and that we were just eating appetizers. Needless to say I am still full. So after indulging for a good four hours of feasting, we headed to Pisa. Somewhere between the train, bus and walk to the tower, my friend Carissa realized her phone was missing. We only glimpsed the tower from a bit of a distance because we had to immediately switch to recovery mode. Apparently an uneducated pick-pocked grabbed it because when we got to a wifi hotspot we were able to track the phone to his/her house. After a brief moment of excitement at their stupidity, we realized we had no idea what the hell to do with this information. It’s not like we could just show up at their house, and we did not have enough time to contact the police (plus i dont think our Italian is good enough to even explain what happened). Also Carissa’s train back left earlier than ours (she decided to pay the extra money to not sleep at the station, in hindsight that might have been a smarter choice), so she had to rush back to catch her train. That leaves me with the current Italian fast food adventure. After bouncing back and forth between Mcdonalds and BK, it was nice Florence, besides this expensive McDonalds (its like five dollars for fries) your food was amazing. Also, I lost my retainer at the train station. Don’t ask how I don’t know either.
ps. i think one of my new favorite things to do is to take pictures of my friends on their phones in really profound places. I’ll post a series of images soon.
For instance here are some pictures of my roommates enjoying the sunset and enjoying the duomo.

For instance here are some pictures of my roommates enjoying the sunset and enjoying the duomo.