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Ciao! I have been insanely busy and am a little behind on the updates. Last weekend my friends and I went to Naples and from there we went on a day trip to the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.

The food in Naples was incredible. I would go all the way back just to get another one of their pizzas. The good news is that I have learned to be less wasteful here. I can eat an entire pizza in one sitting (probably not a good thing but I can’t resist the food is so good here)!

that's right i ate the whole thing

i ate the whole thing. how are Italians so skinny?

For the day in Naples we spent our time walking around the historic center and eating our way into, what I have termed, “the Italian 30” (similar to the freshman 15).

The Duomo and some random castle we found,



We were also able to go on an underground tour of Naples and walk through tunnels (originally designed for water storage) which were constructed during the 1st century. In a very creepy candlelit tour of the underworld, we trekked through tunnels that even I had problems fitting through! This type of tour would never function in America, the tunnels would have to be widened…

roommate underground

roommate underground

After the tunnels stopped being used for water storage, they were converted into WW2 bunkers. Many objects/toys/cars from the 40s are still inside the underground tunnels which extend all the way to Pompeii.

For the day trip we decided to go to the Amalfi Coast. Comically enough, the bus ride was my favorite part. For six euros, we drove from Sorrento until we hit the town of Ravello. The views were jaw-droppingly incredible. The narrow roadway, which bordered the cliff edge, was at times barely large enough for our stick-shift bus to squeeze through. The mountainous landscape which borders Amalfi virtually dead ends into the sea. Every turn and shift in location caused the passengers on the bus to gasp with excitement. The sharp curves of the roadway were so gorgeous, I forgot to get car sick. My friends, who apparently didn’t sleep enough the night before, SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE RIDE. Youth these days….

amalfi3 viewamalfi amalfi2 sleeping amalfi

After brief stops in a couple of the towns we took the bus back to Sorrento and from there traveled to Pompeii. Arriving 20 minutes before it closed, we sprinted through the huge ruins. We saw all of the main sites; bodies preserved by ash, ancient theaters, brothels, and most importantly mt. Vesuvius leering in the backdrop.

pompeii bodypompeii

By the time we got back to Naples, we were so exhausted we barely had enough energy to find somewhere to eat (that’s saying something). We managed to find some more amazing pizza and took the train back to Rome to make sure we were back for school by Monday.


This weekend is Cinque Terre, Ill post more pictures soon.