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Don’t be that American who orders a latte and expects coffee! Latte literally translates to milk. Here’s a quick guide to ordering the coffee you want. The coffee in Italy is amazing! Don’t miss out.

1) Caffe: This is a cheap shot of espresso. Very strong. You take it like a shot at the bar. It isn’t as hot as American coffee so you can drink it right away.


2) Caffe Macchiato: This comes in the same size shot glass mug as a Caffe. The only difference is the small splash of milk they put in it. This one is my favorite because it is super cheap but still very tasty. Drink it like a shot.

mac3 mac2 mac

3)Cappuccino: Cappuccinos are amazing for those who like a decent amount of milk with their coffee. For only one euro you can get an amazing drink with the same amount of coffee as the Caffe but with a lot more milk. You can also ask them to add another shot of espresso by asking for “doppio caffe”.

cap2 cap

4) Caffe Latte: For those who arent huge coffee fans but still want to get some of that famous Italian coffee. Order a caffe latte. It has more milk than the cappuccino. You can also order this with doppio caffe.

cafelatte2 cafe latte

Ill add more to the list as I try them!