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So far my favorite thing about Italy has been finding the off the beaten path destinations untouched by tourist itineraries. This past weekend I got to go to Assisi, a small medieval town about two hours North of Rome via train. The train ride itself was absolutely gorgeous. About every five minutes we passed a hillside village with small castles and villas perched at the top. The surrounding areas were completely deserted and consisted of green landscapes untouched by drought.


Once we got to the station, my friends and I took a bus to the top of the mountain and went into the large medieval fort that is made of brick and looks like it’s from a Lord of the Rings movie.


We got to climb to the top of a better than any Disney movie spiral staircase and saw the entire city beneath us.


After descending the staircase we went through a never ending amazing, yet claustrophobia inducing tunnel. The fortress was perhaps my favorite part of the town. It felt like a dream.


When we were done exploring the fort we walked through the main streets and fell in love with Assisi. In perhaps one of the only small towns I could live in yet never get bored, I was able to stare at cobblestone streets and cottages durable enough to last so many centuries.

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After exploring the main part of the city and entering numerous churches and museums, we ended the day by going into the St Francis church itself.

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